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19 February 2023

ik werd haastig gebeld dat er een probleem met het systeem, en dat ik mijn bestelling kon cancellen, toen werd er opgehangen. ik kan de bestelling helemaal niet cancellen, en heb al betaald.

8 June 2022
28 January 2022

Perfecte borrelhappen voor bij de vrijmibo en keurig op tijd klaar en goed warm

20 October 2021


4 June 2021

So simple to order - very nice and impressive. Sitedish? Good choice. Customisations? Why am I asking a comments page? The staff in-store are awesome - really easy going & nice. That was my first order and I'm a bit concerned because it was too easy & good - that I live opposite could be dangerous! :D Website design / UX and payment processing are super good. Only a few bits of feedback from experience and self-observation. 1. It took a bit more effort to find the store I wanted on the website than neccessarily needs or I expected it should take. I was scrolling a list when I expected a map. 2. One experience piece that whilst not impacting the process, it impacted the experience in a very tiny way, but if Febo is seemingly seriously putting this level of quality experience out there, I'll share it - whilst I only waited 2min longer than scheduled for my order to complete, I was expecting it to be ready at the designated time - I thinnk because the webpage showed such a big bold '23:00